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Samsung S20 Ultra

by Thomas
samsung s20 ultra

The Samsung S20 Ultra is a top range smartphone even seen the price of 1379 euros reminiscent of the prices of the best iPhones. The Samsung S20 Ultra turns to a customer who is looking for advanced technology along with performances that few offer on the market. Think that the camera can enlarge 100x in addition to the possibility of having 5G network. I have to make a clarification since the 5G network is growing, and as always, it will be the big cities to have this bandwidth speed , so be careful because if you do not live in New York, Milan or London you risk exploiting this toy in a few years.

Another special feature to consider are the phone operators, the speeds are different when it comes to downloading or to stream video (Netflix, Rakuten, Prime Video), even the coverage areas are different in fact if it lacks, the 5 G passed automatically to 4 G. Specifically it has a 6.9-inch screen, I know it’s very big for those who are not used to it, but the design is ergonomic and holds in your hand easily. The screen refresh rate is 120 Hz, which can be activated with FHD resolution, to note that Samsung is working on optimizing the software, in the following months it will probably release an update that will take advantage of the WQHD resolution ( fluidity).

The photo compartment is excellent, camera comes to 100x zoom, the sharpness of the photo you can also have with zoom to 4x and 10x, the videos are in 8K and you can only do it with the main camera, I emphasize that the moving images are sharp. The battery has undergone a harsh stress test, activating the most expensive applications such as Google Maps, trading platforms and social networks the Samsung S20 Ultra was a bit hot, if you want to decrease the stress of battery you have to go into connections and delete 5G by leaving it on 4G network.

Samsung S20 Ultra has a 108-megapixel camera that allows for “clean shots” even though I’ve noticed some autofocus issues , but I think in the meantime Samsung will be working on it and in the months to come it will leave an update. The Qualcomm processor is state-of-the-art, it is very fast, the storage space is 128 gb while the audio is very good even if jetpack for headphones is missing.

Samsung S20 Ultra is a great phone for both last-minute gadjet lovers and those like me who use it to work.

Weight: 220 gr

Size: 166x76x8.8mm

Camera: 108mp+48mp+12mp

Connectivity: 5G, wifi 6, bluetooth 5

Android 10

Display: 6.9 3200×1400

Memory: 128 Gb

Battery: 5000 mah

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