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The coronavirus and its variants, history of a conspiracy?

by Thomas

The more time passes and the more questions I have asked myself about this world pandemic, today I will talk about the topic: the coronavirus and its variants, history of a conspiracy?

Talking about financial markets has always become more difficult, today new highs tomorrow relative lows, then “buy on deep” and then who knows what other surprises will reserve us.

The first question is: but did the virus really start from Wuhan?

You will all tell me, but of course all the media have said that questions are since everyone knows the truth I have two other questions, it started from the fish market where maybe a bat (“so” they say the health ministries are vehicles of virus for humans) would have infected a Chinese person or it leaked from a laboratory on which the government was working on a virus? Virus means from Latin “poison” why do world governments allow you to work on something that represents “evil”?

On Google I found articles by journalists discrediting Bill Gates (Mr Microsoft) for being the creator of a worldwide plot, other journalists talk about a plot to check people and other journalists as tests for future viruses.

I am very puzzled by what I read and from what governments have passed on to us during these last (almost) 2 years, between the fear of a global pandemic, prohibition to leave the house through the new famous word “lockdown”, which is now in every corner of the world all know.

The global pandemic is something true, unfortunately 4 million people have died to date (15/07/2021), so governments have done everything to combat the spread of coronavirus with severe restrictions and the administration of vaccines.

Here, I would like to focus this article on the vaccine because in my opinion it can give us a different point of view of the situation. It takes so many years to create and inject a vaccine, doesn’t it? (so said a French Nobel laureate).This time given the emergency situation how was it possible to authorize after “maybe 6/7” months the first administrations?

Is it true that medicine has evolved over the years but are we really aware of what they injected us?

How will our body react in a few years when “maybe” everything will be over? What if any of us had complications? We will never know because medicine is not like mathematics or physics.

Surely doctors will say that I am making stupid insinuations, because not being “a doctor” like them I do not know, yes it is true…, and now with the “Alpha ” variant, No sorry Delta (I got confused with the Greek alphabet) perhaps the most famous vaccines no longer cover? Or maybe we have to do 2 doses every year because the variants will be many?

Would we be addicted vaccines as Bill Gates said in an interview on Youtube a few years ago?

There is a lot of confusion on the topic, maybe even experts do not know, or maybe someone is aware?

Have you noticed that the only companies that have found the solution to Covid 19 are 3 out of 4 Americans?

How is it possible that China, the world’s first industrial and technological power, has never found a vaccine Made in China?

Chinese in the last 20/30 years have found the answer to everything and this time the ancient Chinese medicine does not have the solution to the problem? Many people think that China has become so great by copying Europe and the Usa, a little’ true there is even if the problem is not of the Chinese but of the multinationals who have “exploited” the low labor costs in China to maximize profits.

For a long time (I am wrong) or have we not talked about the duties war between USA and China?

Do you know that China has control of commodities almost all over the world? Did you know that China has a lot of American public debt?

For whom could China be a threat worldwide?

What if the coronavirus was used as a pretext to attack China?

What if the coronavirus was a way to control us more?

Conspiracy or not conspiracy many of the questions I’ve written will remain a mystery like so many in history, but I think people need to start opening their eyes and looking at events from a different point of view than what world politicians and governments inject into us every day.

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