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Covid 19 vaccine technology, what are the effects on our blood?

by Thomas
Covid 19 vaccine technology, what are the effects on our blood

There is so much talk about pandemic, the question I want to ask today is: Covid 19 vaccine technology, what are the effects on our blood?

Fluorescence microscope maybe someone will have heard about it, maybe not, I believe it is a revolution in the field of microscopes and allows researchers to look at red blood cells, white blood cells, Dna and even Rna contained in the blood.

Some researchers, doctors and experts have done tests on people aged 40/50 years noticing a nice difference between the blood of those who have not made the vaccine and those who have been injected with the vaccine.

The person who has not done the vaccine through the fluorescence microscope you see the red blood cells separated from each other so the blood flows smoothly smoothly.

The question about this Covid 19 vaccine technology that researchers have asked themselves is the blood is different before and after vaccination?

Perhaps many of you have not asked yourself some questions, according to my point of view there is nothing more wrong, others will say but then what are the alternatives?

The solution is to get injected something that we do not know much about but only what the pharmaceutical companies have told us?

Returning to the study of the researchers, substantial differences emerged between the blood of a vaccinated person and an unvaccinated person. It was interesting to see how the agglomeration of red blood cells are not normal on the vaccinated person.

What is it due to then?

Low minerals in the blood and fibrin is a protein whose presence in the body induces clotting, someone will deny this study but the test is very obvious only people who do not want to see reality can deny the test.

If the vaccinated individual is stung by a needle immediately begins to produce fibrin and if the finger has difficulty getting out imagine in the body?

How can fibrin-laden blood flow through arteries and veins?

I don’t think it can circulate easily but in a slower way, and you think that the study under consideration shows that after the second dose of vaccine it can be a serious problem for the health of patients who could die.

Here we are facing the technology of genetic engineering which adenoviruses are very dangerous because they exert pressure on the immune system to create new viruses and New adenoviruses but also other types of coronavirus.

How many side effects can there be in the years to come?

Blood clotting and then a lowering of white blood cells. Agglomeration of red blood cells and excessive coagulation, low oxygenation (brain and vital organs).

I do not believe that these vaccines are the same as the others, because in such a short time how was it possible to invent a solution?

Someone will tell me Emergency due to the global pandemic, but is this a valid reason to improve the situation?

Is it normal to be vaccinated and then have the chance to transmit the virus again?

What do you think of the Spyke protein? What consequences could it have?

I believe that only independent studies could give answers to our citizens, scientists and all the people who are paid by multinationals are influenced by money.

My last question is: do we really know what we are injecting into our body?

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