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How much is technology controlling us?

by Thomas
How much is technology controlling us

Today I start with a question that wants to make us think about our future, how much is technology controlling us?

Technology is beautiful, useful but at the same time it is a sneaky spy inside our pockets, today the media proclaim artificial intelligence as the solution of so many problems such as medicine, transport and many other sectors but forget the other side face of the coin.

I like to see both the good and the bad, I am not a negative person but I want to reflect on what surrounds us and what world governments impose at the legislative level.

The article is based on how much technology is controlling us, because the control is extended across the globe and especially in real time because all new tools are connected to the network, and in the future it will be more and more hyperconnected.

Since the technology has evolved and with the lockdown it has had a remarkable surge because many functions that were previously performed by humans have been automated with the loss of millions of jobs.  It may seem strange what I write but it is the reality, it is as if Covid 19 had increased a process that would happen in 5/7 years.

Look at how many tech companies are listed on the Nasdaq even though they have existed for a few years and have” systematically ” loss-making balance sheets, will any of you tell me how this is possible?

It is possible because they are multinationals that fall under government plans or to use a simpler term, they are useful to the interests of the government. I think for example of some American companies like ClearView Ai which collects all the photographs available on the web.

Did someone not turn on the light? Didn’t you think about facial identification? Imagine a database that collects 100 million images how useful it can be to government agencies?

Virtually ClearView Ai through sophisticated algorithms, “scraping” techniques and much more, aims to collect images on social network profiles and on the web.

Put together the pieces of the puzzle, is it not bad if you want to have control over the population? When you order a parcel on Amazon or an online site, is it wrong or is the tracking sent to track the order?

Technology such as facial identification can be used in real time as tools to follow people without any kind of problem. I smile when I hear about Big data as the digital gold of the future, but for whom is it really Gold? For US citizens or for governments and multinationals?

A very powerful company is Palantir Techologies of billionaires Peter Thiel and legend Alex Karp, because he is one of the few men on Earth to never miss a shot.

Palantir Tech is specialized in the analysis of public data from internet, I do not think there is need to add more, who wanted to know if it is listed on Wall Street, the answer is yes but is a company that does not realize many profits?

Strange, who supports Palantir Tech or who this company works for?

Do you want to know the best technology company in the world?

Freescale Semiconductors for a few years has become Nxp.

How safe is the technology in the hands of these big companies?

What influence can these great societies have on our lives?

How can we defend ourselves against organisms that potentially violate our privacy?

Why are companies that have strategic roles for governments not listed on Wall Street?

But very often it is the same search engines that ” induce” us to accept all those small clauses or wrong? If we do not accept why are we automatically limited?

I imagine a world full of cameras with facial recognition, 5G, 6G, 7g etc con with more and more speed but at what price? Our freedom…

To all people aware “that they are not doing the right thing “in their lives because attracted to money or” work career “I want to tell you that you are in time to change, personally I would not be able to wake up all my life every day knowing that I am doing the”wrong ” thing.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good (Romans 12: 21)

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