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by Thomas

“If something is possible for any other man it is possible for you too”

“Loose lips sink ships”

My university education took me away from Italy in particular in the South of France, where I attended two graduate degrees: the first economic address (Facult√© d’economie de gestion Aix/Marseille) and the second in foreign languages, where I had the opportunity to improve american, essential to understand financial markets mechanics. To my life path I wanted to add the study of essential physics to understand the dynamics of financial markets where most exchanges are made by machines / robots.

Beginnings, since I had to study in French and English weren’t easy at all, perseverance has helped me and helps me to overcome many difficulties today without being influenced by other people.

Every day I study financial markets through technical analysis paying attention to all the dynamics that can be presented and i learn from my mistakes to improve my trading plan.

I have been working for more than 10 years on equities,commodities (spread trading) mainly on the american market, in the last period I am focusing on the study of the american pptions that I consider essential for some trading strategies. Option market is my favourite one because big investors focus on it and if you follow them you can make the difference.

As you can see i talk about different themes, sometimes I will write about events that have changed the course of history both economically and politically, maybe you will see the world differently and I think that as I did, you will ask yourself many questions.

I don’t have the miracle recipe and I don’t even think I’m a phenomenal trader, but as I wrote above methodology, perseverance in learning and I add my instinctive vision allow me to improve my strategies on the market.

I wish you a good vision and i hope to help you to understand some details that are sometimes not visible.

Ps: a special dedication to my family, to my grandfather, Fb74, Slayzy19