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by Thomas

If something is possible for any other man it is possible for you too

“Loose lips sink ships”

My university education took me away from Italy in particular in the South of France, where I attended and obtained two university degrees: the first with an economic address (Facult√© d’economie de gestion Aix/Marseille) and the second in foreign languages, where I had the opportunity to improve English, essential in the Financial markets.

The beginnings, since I had to study in French and English, were not easy but I was lucky enough to meet an economics professor with a “trader” past, who teached me several notions to deal with the markets avoiding to commit some initial errors.

When did I realize I could make it a real profession?

Several years ago, when I was trading on my well known american market and I emphasize it was not a “huge capital gain” on one or more titles that turned on the light in my brain, but a mix of 3 elements that I consider essential in this profession: 1 study 2 constancy 3 updates with the best traders

I have been working for more than 10 years on equities,bond,commodities mainly on the American, European market, in the last period I am focusing on the study of the American Options that I consider essential for some trading strategies, but above to protect my wallet.

As you can see i talk about different themes, sometimes I will write about events that have changed the course of history both economically and politically, maybe you will see the world differently and I think that as I did, you will ask yourself many questions. I don’t have the miracle recipe and I don’t even think I’m a phenomenal trader, but as I wrote above methodology, perseverance in learning and I add my instinctive vision allow me to improve my strategies on the market.

For some time I have been studying the Pyton computer programming language on the www.coursera.org platform at Johns Hopkins University, I think computer science is fundamental because it allows me to understand how algorithms work and how it behaves high-frequency trading.

I wish you a good vision and help you understand some details that are sometimes not visible.

Ps: a special dedication to my family, to my grandfather, Fb74, Slayzy19