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by Thomas

In this post, I will analyze the crowfunding and various phenomena that are currently changing the way of dealing with investments both from the organizational point (business plan) and financial. Today you hear about crowdfunding which literally means crowd and money raising, and you’ll tell me but what is it? Where does this word come so complicated to pronounce?

Crowdfunding was born mainly in America and Australia, where an entrepreneur or one who has a brilliant idea, makes a request on the internet through a platform to have access to sums of money, even of modest identity, to finance the project Offered. Attention there is not only a type of crowdfunding but different that we now go to check and analyze:

ICO where to finance a project do not ask for real money but cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple or Ethereum so the one who has impregnated the money hopes that the whole thing will succeed.

Social lending is a platform that collects small and large savers who can lend money and pair them based on different risk appetite criteria by setting a loan interest rate.

Equity Based is the only form regulated by Consob where a company issues shares in order to accumulate money to grow without selling them on the stock exchange but directly to the client who believes in the project becoming a partner.

The principle is very simple, I connect to a crowdfunding portal, (authorized by Consob I recommend to avoid rip-offs) I choose the project that most impresses me and I make a transfer from my bank for an amount of my choice. The ease of acquiring parts of a company without paying fees is very simple, in fact I do not need intermediaries such as freelancers or brokers, I have a tax advantage at the level of tax deduction equal to 30% of the investment up to 1 million euros. What do you have in your hand once you invest your money? An act that certifies the registration as a new member of the company.

What if I want to sell your share one day? Have you ever thought about it?

It’s not as easy like when you buy, also because you have to find a person willing to buy your company shares and then specifically how much is your investment in economic terms? You’ll have to calculate it yourself, and believe me, it’s not easy because it’s true that you’ll have notices during the time from the company, but you’ll have to rely on a freelancer experienced in this branch. Last detail not to be underestimated besides that you do not manage the job, remember that the first years will be hard and do not forget that more than 50% of start-ups fail.

You’re warned!

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