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Investing in well-being a growing trend

by Thomas
Investing in well-being a growing trend

I’ve been thinking about a new article for a while now, i’m going to talk about investing in well-being a growing trend.

They are and will be difficult years, Covid has not only infected people all over the world but also the wellness segment such as gyms, facilities and sporting events such as competitions.

Well-being is understood as physical but also mental, people forced by government restrictions (lockdowns) have to spend much more time at home, so in 2020 this sector grew exponentially creating opportunities for companies and investors.

Wellness and health are an important combination (for the present and next years) that has been valued by the Global Wellness Institute at 4.5 billion dollars. In Italy we have Technogym (number 1 in the world) that produces tools for gyms and during the lockdown has developed a line of “home fitness” products.

Specifically, many people have “built” the gym at home or in any case a space used by buying treadmills, bicycles, ellipticals, rowers and weights to train the body. But not only have these big companies like Technogym and Peloton created digitized wellness, some machines have been developed to interact with smartphones to improve user interaction.

Peloton has created online personal trainer courses where people through smart devices (phones, tablets, etc.) interacting with the community of people who share the same sport.

Our life is based on services, online communities, Telegram groups of people, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram so the information turns fast and helps users create an idea of belonging.

Some of my money managers are investing dollars in well-being because they understand that people pay much more attention to what they eat, the physical condition, the aesthetic appearance and to pollute as little as possible.

There is a Global X Health and Wellness Etf that invests in these issues or there is Technogym, Peloton, Beyond Meat, Neogen working on wellness and food issues.

I do not recommend the purchase because I have not analyzed them but I want to help those who follow me to highlight other companies than the usual Amazon, Apple, Google and Tesla. Believe me it is not easy to find trends because Covid is far from being defeated so many situations will change again.

Making fundamental analysis has become very difficult, the numbers are completely decorelladed with the reality of the facts, as I said 6 months ago reminds me of the bubble of the late 90s although I think the central banks will try to avoid a disaster of that kind.

I have many misgivings about the performance of the financial markets, the type of strategy such as buy and hold and the volatility that is suddenly unleashed at any moment, I believe that times have changed and the investor must adapt to the continuous changes that are encountered on a daily basis.

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