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Why invest in companies working in the water sector?

by Thomas
Why invest in companies working in the water sector

I spoke about this issue on 4 March 2020 and the question is always the same why invest in companies working in the water sector?

Everyone knows that water is an indispensable good in our lives, just think that the human body consists of 50/60% of the body weight from water. But as you may have understood in https://www.thomastrends.com/acqua-oro-blu/ article that water is not unlimited.

To make a comparison with gold we all know that it is a limited precious metal and even the water we use daily is part of that category, our planet has a great need because the world population is constantly growing, the confirmation is found in the statistics published on the web (observe the data of emerging countries).

When I hear about global warming, I think of the World Water Report, which has highlighted 2.5 billion people in the world, cannot hydrate with clean water or all those populations that live in arid areas or affected by severe periods of drought.

Developed countries are lucky and do not realize that people on the other side of the world do not have water to drink, I do not pretend to do morals on this site but simply when I talk about some issues I try to raise awareness of the users who read me.

Today we hear about respect for the environment, sustainability, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, global warming, why do the media not often talk about water resources?

The phenomenon of water must be a central theme not only in our daily lives but also in work, for example for some time now industries have been developing engineering models to save water resources, other countries have been investing in this sector by building modern infrastructure.

Many investors have started to move money masses in listed companies most likely to develop, investing in the water sector is a medium-long-term choice (5-10 years), so if you believe it you should not hesitate to look at the charts of some of the most important companies.

I personally chose 8 companies + 2 ETFs:

Evoqua water technology
American Water Works
California Water Service
Aqua Venture Holdings
Invesco Water Resources
Lyxor World Water

Some of these companies work on seawater desalination plants, special systems for treatment and purification to eliminate growing sources of pollution.

It is essential to focus on companies that work on the recycling of dirty water and then be reused in industries while other companies develop technologies for the disposal and treatment of the same wastewater.

You have to make choices, I always remember two stocks that are at an all-time high today (Apple and Tesla), do you think if any of you bought Apple in 2005 at $1 or Tesla in 2013 at $1.50?

The job of the technical analyst or investor is to put the companies listed above on the watchlist and monitor them to try to ride the trend.

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