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What are the trend to monitor to invest in 2021?

by Thomas
What are the trends to monitor to invest in 2021

Happy New Year to all my users, the question from 1000 interpretations is: what are the trend to monitor to invest in 2021?

Analyzing 8 graphs of the MSCI indices, the two sectors that outperformed expectations were that of healthcare and industry while the worst trend was MSCI Energy with a -35%.

I would like to add to the list of the worst the transport sector (such as the airlines) which have suffered the restrictive displacement measures with millionaire losses.

If I am an investor and approach the financial markets or am I already an investor sailing in this “world”, what can I do to guarantee myself an annuity?

Pharma trend will also be the protagonist in 2021 above all it will involve all those companies that are engaged in research against Covid and all industries that produce masks, disinfectants and sanitizing aection systems. I was forgetting the telemedicine trend which is also very important because Covid will last for a long time maybe until the end of 2022.

In short, vaccine doses are currently limited, the criteria for administration follow different patterns between countries, and in my view there is a chance that if the virus mutates, current vaccines risk not covering the immune system.

Let us not forget that in mid-December a week after the announcement of the release of the Pfizer vaccine in the UK, experts said that the virus has mutated and if they were to start again from the beginning for the optimization of the vaccine it would be a worldwide catastrophe.

I suggested the telemedicine trend earlier because I think travel for the next 7/18 months will continue to be limited , people who are sick or in need of medical care will have to adapt with the use of technology.

Tech companies I think will continue to benefit from a favorable trend (with ups and downs), some of my friends working in asset allocation struggle to find companies with major fundamentals like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

 I do not agree because the alternatives are there and we must go and discover the Israeli technology companies that are the future of technology – for me they have always been – why did the Gulf Arab countries make peace with Israel last year?

Isn’t that weird? They’ve been hating each other for 5,000 years, think about it, these Saudi-led countries need Israeli technology to develop their businesses, and you’ll see that they’re willing to spend huge amounts.

Other trends to ride are those of renewable energy and the sharing economy whose goal is to create a green and sustainable economy. Think of all those companies like Sun Power and Solaredge that work in the green economy market have climbed into the financial markets.

For the sharing economy I think of Uber and Airbnb that have advanced platforms but above all a brand known all over the world as synonymous with reliability.

Let’s not forget all the companies that are developing 5G technology and infrastructure and the famous internet of things, smart cities and self-driving cars.

Maybe I forgot to talk in this article about hydrogen and Esg funds but if you pay attention on my site you will find detailed article, I wish you all users a Happy 2021.

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