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Scenario of apocalypse on the financial markets and on our society

by Thomas
Scenario of apocalypse on the financi

I would like all my users to read very carefully the article on the scenario of apocalypse on the financial markets and on our society.

You will all know the word apocalypse and its meaning, I have already done an article in the past where I was talking about the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse Richard Fuld, Bernard Madoff, Jérome Kerviel and Henry Paulson during all of them involved in the 2008 crisis https://www.thomastrends.com/i-quattro-cavalieri-dellapocalisse-parte-1/.

12 years after Covid 19 has become the #1 public enemy as in John Dillinger’s film, only that coronavirus is an invisible, lethal enemy and is definitely changing the whole world.

I have many doubts i’m how it was born, where covid 19 really started and how the pandemic is handled. Coronavirus in my opinion simply accelerated the apocalyptic scenario that would have happened in a few years. Remember 2019 was a wonderful year for world stock markets which continued to rise as they did at the beginning of 2020 without who knows what assumptions, in March 2020 the collapse of the financial markets and finally a rapid rise due to the doping of central banks.

I think you will agree that the real economy is completely disconnected from finance, intermarket analysis after covid 19 should be rewritten in part but specifically the media does not talk much about how many millions of people have lost their jobs and how many small and medium-sized enterprises have had to close permanently.

My question is: what will millions of workers who have or will lose their jobs do? What will world governments do to help people in need?

Are we sure that all this technology such as 5G (6G/7G) will solve our problems by improving our lives or will it just be a strong step towards automation (robot)?

Think in your mind and reason, robots have been starting to be an increasingly widespread reality for some time now, if you don’t believe me if you don’t believe me by watching some Mit YouTube videos, these projects are meant to replace humans by creating a high rate of unemployment.

What about all the acquisitions by the big companies to eliminate competition or all the mergers that are taking place to create global behemoths?

Look at Amazon and Facebook, for example, they hold big data and you can see that they are slowly entering our daily lives to direct us to their business (Libra).

Oh yes dear users, look Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world launched in March 2020 a strategic partnership with Goldman Sachs to provide financial services, I am currently thinking about all the small and medium-sized banks in the territory that will risk disappearing or closing in front of these giants.

This would be a real apocalypse, society in the future will have much less “actors” in the film that at the same time are the counterfigure, director and producer. Now Big Tech capitalizes more than entire world exchanges, Amazon, Apple and Google have the power and money to cover everything from manufacturing (Amazon Basics), to marketing and finally distribution.

Let’s be honest how many of you would open an Amazon or Apple bank account? Only the brand does not need presentation by giving customers service packages and creating a 360-degree bond.

I get a lot of emails where users ask me what will happen in the future and how I see the economy, this article is a part of the answer, I don’t want to be pessimistic talking about apocalypse but I prefer to be realistic by analyzing the facts.

I do not like “intellectual manipulation” I prefer intellectual honesty, every day I see a huge work by the media and “experts” to condition people’s thinking, creating fear, hope, happiness depending on the situation.

Many say that everything will be fine but they do not know that they are systematically manipulated a bit like puppets, I hope that people will start to see the world from different types of angles not only from a perspective as many suggest.

Speaking of financial markets I have never seen so many traders in 2020, technical analysts, gurus, stock market experts who psychologically condition so many poor savers with the promise of changing their lives with trading.

The numbers say that among 70/80% of people who trade lose money, so be careful who on the web sells miracle courses, wonderful strategies, my conscience tells me to write this also because I do not think there are magic methods otherwise they would all be rich do not think?

I don’t know when (and if) the financial markets will collapse, but I’m sure we’re facing a financial bubble that, if it were to burst one day, could trigger an apocalypse in the world.

I can only say that you always use stop loss to protect yourself from losses, do not let yourself be influenced by web gurus but learn to reason with your head and try to study technical analysis.

I will end this article with: it is the volumes that shift prices not the other way round.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

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