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Selection of companies related to the electric vehicles supply chain

by Thomas
Selection of companies related to the electric vehicles supply chain

I did a research and selection of companies related to the electric vehicles supply chain.

World governments have decided not to know why only in recent years to engage in the green economy, perhaps because oil resources will end in a few decades and therefore “business models” must change.

Today the reality is that all countries want to adopt green policies with respect for the environment and all other issues as if they could not already be done years ago, just to name a few names about the characters who worked on the development of the electric car: Nikola Tesla, Jules Verne, Derel Aliners, Peter Savo, these are some names of the past because on social networks there is someone who thinks it was Elon Musk who invented the electric car.

Going into detail, car companies are changing the platforms where vehicles are built to create a new supply chain capable of producing electric or low-Co2 vehicles. But big companies like Tesla, Ford, Toyota, Stellantis (Former FCA) need to build a chain of suppliers that produce or offer services in the field of electric vehicles.

In this sector we find platforms and for electric vehicles, charging infrastructures, battery and sensor manufacturers such as Lidar and service developers such as digital insurance and services dedicated to sustainable mobility.

I make a list of companies that are already listed on Wall Street or that will be on the market (before there must be the initial public offering) in the coming months:

  • Otomo
  • Velodyne Lidar
  • Luminar
  • QuantumScape Corporation
  • Microvatt
  • Fisker
  • Nikola
  • Faraday Future
  • Cnoo
  • Arrival
  • Evbox
  • Chargepoint

These newly listed ones have a capitalization of between $1.5 billion and $5 billion, not to mention the partnerships these companies will make over the next 10 years with other companies. All this development will be supported by the 5G network and the metal boom that are the basis of the new battery technologies, remember in March/April when the Global X Lithium Etf had reached 19/20 dollars and I said buy?

Today this ETF travels in a lateral trend ($67 and $70) with a major gap on 31/12/2020. This rise is due to the strong demand for lithium, copper and cobalt because they are valuable ingredients behind electric vehicles.

You are a small investor, you are afraid of Bitcoin (I can understand you it is very volatile) and you do not know where to invest your savings what do you do? Look at the window because (if you don’t have at least $5000 it’s better don’t invest) but seen from the meeting in Davos, where world governments decided to fight Co2 emissions and invest in renewable energy (electric vehicles, photovoltaic systems, storage batteries) what do you need to do?

Find a blog (like mine or better for example) or other fairly reliable financial newspapers (which is rare because there are conflicts of interest) and observe companies that may have room for growth.

It is easy to do this procedure, you just have to have patience and time to look for the best opportunities and study them through technical analysis with the help of social networks (Gamestop) because if someone like Elon Musk throws a blaze all small traders start running creating a firepower.

Last tip don’t make long-term investments, trading has changed and is much more vulnerable to individual events.

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