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by Thomas
airpods pro

The AirPods Pro is the latest and best-performing innovation of the Cupertino factory, it’s been a few months since “testing” these headphones and I immediately noticed a mix of audio quality, comfort and sound insulation, I think the latter the most important feature in based on my experience.

Apple has used a powerful H1 chip for the AirPods Pro, which features 10 audio cores, which eliminate noise and improve sound quality. The chip is picked up 100 times per second from both the ambient microphone and the one inside the ear, perfectly adapting the sound output, in rare cases of low and repetitive noises (jackhammer) you can feel an unpleasant buzz but sincerely the suppression of noise does in almost all cases its part.

Apple has done a precise job on every possible detail as functionality and adaptability in use just think that the pairing takes place by opening the box near the iPhone via Bluetooth without doing anything else, I would say fast easy but above all very comfortable.

The audio quality of the AirPods Pro is very high but the design makes the difference because it reduces the air inflow to the ears (exaggerate!! air-dynamic headphones!!!) that on days characterized by strong winds at the expense of phone conversations are eliminated Precisely with noise-cancelling systems, small vents stabilize the pressure of the ear at the external and internal level.

In addition to the H1 chip, Apple has combined 2 accelerometers for motion and voice detection, leading to outstanding results for both wearers and interlocutors even in crowded places such as stations or airports.

The battery life of the AirPods Pro is 4 hours on a single charge, if you turn off the active erasure and noise transparency mode you get a range of 5 hours; while 3.5 hours in case of phone conversation;5 minutes of charging is enough to have 1h of autonomy. The AirPods Pro are also compatible for those who have Android , just turn on Bluetooth and pair them, to have the residual level of the battery you have to download an app on Playstore , in my test the accuracy is not like on iPhone but that’s not the point, the important is that the audio quality is excellent,other peculiarities of these “jewelry” are the ability to use the Siri voice assistant (not possible for Android) to raise/lower the volume to activate the deletion of the sound and share the same song that I’m listening on You Tube/Spotify on a variety of AirPods.

Apple as always makes fantastic products although not really cheap , the result of this test is very positive recommend the purchase of the AirPods Pro.

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