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Booking and Travala

by Thomas
booking e travala.com

Online booking giant Booking.com and Travala have been strategically focused on the payment method at the end of 2019. Travala is a platform that allows its customers to book hotel stays paying with cryptocurrencies, specifically it has also been adapted to the NEM token, which stands for New Economy Movement created in 2015 and based obviously on the blockchain , so a system protected and coded.

Travala is a website able to offer a wide choice of cryptocurrencies, such as the famous Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron and in November 2019 has entered into a strategic partnership with Booking, where Travala users find dedicated offers and exclusive discounts. The data after the launch says 35% increase in revenue, 10% bookings were made with the Ava Token, 25% of payments took place with Bitcoins, 45% via PayPal and credit cards while the remaining 20% with other cryptocurrencies. The Ava token allows users smart discounts and connects them to a loyalty program that provides 10% savings on hotels and other bookings from  www.travala.com site, this smart group has 600 members and contains 5% of the Ava token supply about 2310000 dedicated to this purpose.

The connection between Travala and Booking has been an added value for both as guests now have a wide range of options ranging from luxury hotels, resorts to villas and holiday apartments, I underline the main markets are USA, Italy, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

These “new” payment methods are slowly spreading also in the tourism sector, the giants like Booking have sniffed out the potential of cryptocurrencies and for this they have activated in this direction, I remember that to make a difference you have to always stand out from the competition or at least be pioneers of a new business model.

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