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by Thomas
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Due to the times, where we often hear about climate change, natural disasters and the green economy, in this article I will talk about green loans.

Buying house has always been a “cue ball” of Italians (and not only) , but you have to do it with method and from an economic and ethical point of view. I start from the ethical one, so I can devote myself fully to the main theme, since today having an ecological dwelling is an added value both on the energy side then less consumption in bills and pollution, and by the appreciation that will have in the years to come the property itself ; in fact, if one person sells a house belonging to the category A1/ A2 / A3 / A4 the market price will be higher than another in lower energy class, obviously at the same position, square meters, services offered etc…

The road of financial products such as green lending is widening, see the supply from banks that allocate money aimed at promoting the energy efficiency of housing, residential and commercial real estate. I would point out that in the case of green loans they are aimed at those who buy a house in energy class A or B but also those who want to renovate their dwelling according to the ethics of low environmental impact. Banks are riding “this wave of green mortgages” with varied offers also to be in line with the European Union’s legislative requirements, see the European Energy Efficient Mortgage Program project to encourage redevelopment of buildings and the purchase of energy-efficient properties.

Green loans, in addition to offering subsidized interest rates, allow a tax deduction of up to 50% (in Europe) precisely to promote the theme of eco-sustainability that is a real challenge for governments around the world (see the Davos 2020 meeting),

I hope that the increase in renewable energy, energy savings in all its forms, can also facilitate our portfolios, lead to a substantial reduction in pollution. We are on the right track and i’m personally confident of the feedback that the environmental issue is having, but it will still take years.

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