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What will investment look like after coronavirus?

by Thomas
come sarà l'investimento dopo il coronavirus, proteggere il capitale con assicurazione sanitaria e strumenti finanziari

These are terrible days, oil collapse, the Covid19 is continuing to kill so many people despite the number of infected is falling in Europe, families are starting to wonder: what will investment look like after coronavirus?

Many will say that now is not the time to think about it but those who contact me are starting to wonder what will be the best investment choice.

I summarize my thinking in 5 points (without doing too complicated technical analysis):

Protect health with an insurance investment (Allianz, United Health, Generali, Humana, Centene Corp) also because governments around the world will have to cut public spending and unfortunately health is at the top of the list. Human capital is priceless, coronavirus must make us reflect on the vulnerability of our health

Investment in retirement plan is essential to save in the years because after coronavirus retirement system will risk collapse, the public debt is huge as governments continue to inject money to deal with the situation

Investment to combat inflation as nations print money, we must prevent our money from losing value over time by investing in financial instruments (stocks, bonds, funds,Etf). I am aware that it is not easy to choose the best instrument or the best fund, in the future I hope to help you with a guide based on the best performance

Investment in deposit accounts, for those who do not know finance this tool is definitely a smart choice, they will not give you stratospheric interests but it is always better than leaving money on your banking account

Investment in gold coins or gold bars so that whatever happens, you always have a valuable asset in your hands. It is true that, Russia and China buying tons of gold in 2019 if they decide to liquidate the investment, price would suffer a major loss but I repeat, gold will always be a rare and exchangeable precious metal

I can also recommend an accumulation plan in order to avoid crash and unpredictability of financial markets but always according to a logic based on how much capital you can invest and the risk you are willing to take.

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