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Virus, vaccine and financial markets an interconnected trident

by Thomas
Virus, vaccine and financial markets an interconnected Trident

Yes, I want to start this way, with virus, vaccine and financial markets an interconnected trident.

Will it seem strange to many people?  To me honestly not, today I want to make an overview focusing on the various connections and interconnections that have been following each other since the beginning of the global pandemic.

In the previous article I talked about conspiracy and I hope that some of you have read my words, not so much because I am the Oracle but to have a different point of view than that of the media.

Finance industry is afraid virus’s variants, I use the plural because (I think) there will be many variants also because this virus was created in a way to change over time. Today newspapers talk about Delta variant, in a year we will talk about Gamma variant or Theta until we have named the whole Greek alphabet.

I would like to make a simple reasoning, in recent weeks people who have chosen to get vaccinated have been many also because governments are “increasing” the restrictions on those who have not made the vaccine with a leverage effect on those who were still undecided.

Can governments indirectly force people to get vaccinated against the virus? Is freedom not a word found in the Constitution of every state?

Where did princes go? Why do governments not protect citizens but are only capable of manipulating public opinion according to the wishes of corporations?

No, not true what you’re writing, will the government protect people with the vaccine, so I answer how long was the vaccine created?

Do we really know the causes and effects of the vaccine? Do we really know what we’re injecting into our arm?

What if in a few years or years someone will have complications?

I know, many will say they are collateral damage, or will say that it is the statistic so if 100 people are given the vaccine and 7 die, and 5 have complications, the result is to have saved the other 88 people remaining.

What if the statistic hit you or a family member? How would you feel? What are you thinking? Let’s hope it happens to someone else and not me?

Financial markets have taken on the vaccine of central banks such as the Fed or the ECB, if you look at the charts of the indices at each correction then immediately after that there is a buy.

How sustainable is this situation? How much will the financial markets increase? On what assumptions do world stock markets continue to rise?

I do not find a connection in all this other than a manipulation of the global financial markets, unfortunately we have become accustomed (see Twin Towers or other attacks) to a continuous “buy” whatever happens.

Buy, buy and buy what if one day they turn off the taps?

What will the money of savers do?

Meanwhile there is the Fed, you do not have to worry because for any problem it is enough to flood the markets with money to compensate for all kinds of problems.

I do not want to be pessimistic, I want to invite my readers to reflect because the virus will be a problem that is unlikely to be defeated, interests are high and “someone” prefers this situation, who knows (maybe )to have more control over humanity.

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