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Photovoltaic technology will change the future

by Thomas
Photovoltaic technology will change the future

I believed it from the beginning and maybe now we are in a change because photovoltaic technology will change the future.

Technology in this field has made an incredible leap in quality, in 20 years I would say that photovoltaic market has opened up to the small consumer, before it was a dream given the high prices reserved for the industrial sector.
Data speak of a 75% increase in photovoltaic systems in homes, finally governments around the world have understood the importance of producing sustainable electricity.

Earth has been exploited for too many years, we cannot be oil dependent, not least because in a few years they risk running out of hydrocarbons. Why don’t we all make the choice to switch to photovoltaics together?

  • Savings in electricity bills
  • Respect for the environment
  • Tax breaks

    These are some advantages, fortunately governments have started to bet on the future of this technology for renewable electricity generation, how is it possible?

To begin with, we need to make people aware of the possibilities of photovoltaics, inform citizens through digital with, for example, simulations of the installation  3D, examine annual consumption with or without solar panels, choice of the best material.
The brands are really many, I personally know different products (tests with energy engineers), I have come to a conclusion on the best materials.

The best manufacturers of photovoltaic panels are Sunpower, Panasonic, Auo BenQ, for inverters we have Solaredge, Abb, Fronius, Tesla and Sonnen storage batteries.

Before concluding, I would like to talk to you about GivePower, which has designed and installed in Kenya a system able to produce 50 kilowatts of energy and powering two pumps with which it supplies 50,000 litres of water per day. GivePower built photovoltaic system that purifies salt water in drinking water, 35,000 people can benefit from clean water while avoiding diseases such as cholera.

GivePower’s Kiunga Solar Water Farm system does not require an electric grid because the energy produced by photovoltaic panels is stored in Tesla batteries.
The potential of photovoltaics is enormous not for saving money but above all for humanity and respect for the environment.







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