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Donald Trump’s re-election is likely

by Thomas
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Oil sinking, economy in crisis, coronavirus that causes deaths but I remind you that in 2020 the US will have an important task, several polls say that the re-election of Donald Trump is likely.

In such uncertain, difficult and unimaginable times Americans must also think about the November election to decide who will lead the helm, numbers for now are on Donald Trump’s side. Trump with his strong personality has led an aggressive and protectionist policy creating tensions around the world, but at the same time jobs, significantly lowering the unemployment rate.

What do Americans don’t like anymore? Trump knows this perfectly well, in one word: China. I think the key point of Trump’s re-election is there, more than 60% of American politicians are starting to bear beijing’s influence both strategically and militarily.

Trump is an atypical President because he has a particular vision, he is not a pure politician in the truest sense of the word, I would call him a successful entrepreneur despite the ups and downs that have accompanied him during his life, but his personality has always made him emerge from difficult situations. Of course, Trump’s dad was rich and frequented high-level circles in New York, but his son was able to create a brand with his name.
The business vision applied to politics has benefited the job market and in my opinion Trump would have the ace up his sleeve to defeat China, how???

Continuing the policy on customs duties on imports from China but above all bringing back the companies that produce in America. In the past, American policy choices have not been the best, causing the relocation of so many industries and thus loss of millions of jobs, promoting China’s unstoppable development.

Trump has always wanted to scale back China’s influence in America, but it’s not easy in reality because China can hit the American economy by being a supplier of so many essential products by affecting factory production.
Trump, if he wants to be re-elected, really has to make a difference by bringing back factory, and surely America will be Great Again.

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