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Alexa Echo Auto Review

by Thomas
Amazon Echo Auto

Here we are talking about a product made by Amazon, today I will do Alexa Echo Auto review and its features.

In a world where voice assistants start with Google via Apple, Amazon reply with a product line called Alexa.

Alexa Echo Auto is a smart device designed to be used in the car, it has microphones, so there are no drivers but you need to connect it with Aux cable or Bluetooth. In the box there is a support to attach it to the air system, it is better to put it in a clearly visible position to avoid any kind of distraction, I forgot it connects to the cigarette lighter.

Alexa Echo Auto is very simple and really easy to use, you install it on car’s dashboard, a bit like a Gps and connects directly to your smartphone, also allows you to access the services available with Alexa voice commands.

It is available in iOS/Android version, so once you download the application you will have to configure it with Alexa, then you can listen music, news, manage home lights connected with Wi-Fi etc…

I remind you that Alexa is an artificial intelligence-based software that can interact with users without problems, I will not talk about “machine learning and neural networks”, but it is just to make you understand how it works.

What can you do with Alexa Echo Auto?

  • Listen to audio with Amazon Audible
  • Ask for an itinerary and Alexa will consult with Google Maps or Apple Maps
  • Make/receive calls
  • Check the smart devices remotely you have in your home
  • Listen to music or streaming services (Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer)
  • Real-time updates on traffic, weather, news
  • Playing with Alexa Skills and other games


Alexa Echo Auto has 8 microphones, weighs 45 grams, does not have the built-in speaker, in fact uses those of the machine (Aux/Bluetooth). Audio quality is good, I recommend you connect via cable and you will have better feeling, the other features are great even if it lacks a proprietary navigation system.

Since Alexa “draws” from Google Maps or Apple Maps, in the absence of Gps,you lose the signal and it can be annoying to control the smatphone.

Alexa Echo Auto costs 49.99 dollars, it’s a correct price for a device that has several interesting features, I recommend it especially to drivers who have old car.

For those who have a technological car is not necessary, from my test I noticed that the battery of my phone drains very quickly and “drinks” many Giga, so be careful of your pricing plan.

Amazon’s strategy with Alexa Echo Auto is to get used to Jeff Bezos’s everyday life, creating an ecosystem of products that revolve around Amazon.

  • Size: 8,5 x 4,7 x 1,3 cm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and AUX
  • Processor:Mediatek MT7697, Intel Dual DSP with Interference Engine
  • System:Alexa can be match with Android e iOS and we can access with browser


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