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What will the world look like after coronavirus?

by Thomas
come sarà il mondo dopo il coronavirus, la Cina sarà meno potente, le persone emigreranno,tecnologia ,big tech

We are in times that I personally call “war”, I never thought we would be forced to some sort of curfew but the question we all ask ourselves is: what will the world look like after the coronavirus? How will people and businesses react? Who will survive?

This article wants to be thoughtful even if many elements do not bode well, since world’s governments have shown weakness by getting overwhelmed by coronavirus.
I think that once the emergency from Covid19 has passed, some people will start looking around, trying to migrate to less deprived parts of the world. The most appealed destinations are: United States, United Kingdom, Israel and Australia, these nations are always looking for qualified people or entrepreneurs who create new jobs. The sectors with the greatest demand are technology and medicine, technology will be increasingly important in our lives, data say that robots will play a significant role in global economy, artificial intelligence will enable these machines to automate work.

As I have said at other times, given the reduction in profits caused by weak economic growth, they will reduce work costs over time through the use of robots.
I think post-coronavirus, China will be less powerful than it used to be, some multinationals have already moved their factories to neighboring countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, offering advantageous working conditions. Trump is fighting the trade war with China and as the presidential election is over in the fall, he will try to bring industries back to America by favoring new jobs (i really hope so MrPresident).

The coronavirus must make us think because we have been too long dependent on China, my fear is that so many companies will be in great difficulty and there is a risk that from investing fund or tycoon,they will make shopping at lowest prices. I hope that governments will take economic measures to support companies by avoiding a catastrophe, I am referring in particular to small and medium-sized enterprises because after months of stoppages, they risk not having enough money to start again.
Who will overcome coronavirus issue in the world? Big Tech will dominate post coronavirus scene, I’m talking about Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook.

Dear politicians do your choices well, but do not forget that country’s oxygen are also the SMEs that work hard and pay a lot of taxes.

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