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Companies working on the Covid vaccine

by Thomas
Companies working on the Covid vaccine

You asked me so many times and in the end I prepared a table with the companies working on the Covid vaccine.

Some say that by November/December Covid vaccine will be ready, Donald Trump already worried because he’s behind in the polls compared to Joe Biden’s hopes for a miracle.

If so, there is a high probability that Trump will be re-elected for a second time.

Statistics say that the virus has infected 25 million people worldwide, killing 90,000 of them, several companies have been working for 5/6 months on the vaccine but are currently being tested.

One question, I’ve asked myself so many times is: how is it possible that pharmaceutical companies such as Moderna, Novavax, Vaxart, Vbi vaccines have exploded on financial markets?

And yet they haven’t found the miracle formula or that’s what make us believe, ladies and gentlemen we’re talking about returns of 100%, 200% and 500%, reminds me a little of the 90’s when there was then the dotcom bubble.

The answer is simple, they have increased because they do research on Covid vaccine and have the attention of governments around the world, while for financial operators they are a tool of speculation.

There is also another motivation, investors have decided to bet on the companies that are working on the vaccine, because whoever will find the solution will have stellar revenues. We are not talking about millions but billions of dollars and the possible monopoly in the market.

The U.S. government has signed agreements with companies such as Moderna, Pfizer, Novavax, Johnson & Johnson for the distribution of the formula against Covid 19 (250 million doses).

Well, these are numbers that make you cringe, some people will either want or have already invested in different companies that produce the vaccine, who did it when I recommended it months ago (3 Bill Gates company) earned a lot of money.

What can I say to people who wake up now? Be very careful because the volatility is very high, drawdowns can be very violent and following the market I have seen stocks that have had strong swings.

If you want to make a less risky investment, I would place a bet on companies that work in both the medical field and in technology such as remote diagnostics or telemedicine.

If you like risk, I recommend that you cover your positions with options, it is crucial to reduce the risk especially on very volatile stocks.

I think I have said everything, below I add the table with all the most important companies engaged in research against Covid:

Johnson and Johnson
Vaxil Bio
Vbi vaccines
Heat Biologics

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