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Analysis on future trend

by Thomas
future trend

I received many emails with different questions, well I decided to do an analysis on future trend.

You have been many to ask me, at the end I always listen to your messages and thank you for supporting my work, now I start the analysis talking about important trends of the future.

We are (as mentioned several times) at a particular time in our lives, I will not repeat the coronavirus speech but I emphasize the changes that will be made from a demographic, technological, commercial and scientific point of view.

Silver economy is a future trend because it affects the part of the population over 65. As life has increased some data speak of 15 trillion people by 2050, so there will be elderly people who will spend money on medicine and health care.

According to Eurostat, the Over 65s in Europe will be 50% more in the next 30 years, leading to a change in consumption. Statistical calculations have been made and the results have shown a high number of Over 65s in Asia, the data will affect pensions and pension funds.

Another future trend will be agriculture, where different rules are changing on products’s use. Fortunately (I hope) many “carcinogenic” pesticides will be eliminated and new cultivation techniques will reduce land use.

It will be organic farming, many consumers than in past years pay much more attention to what they eat, the spending will be geared towards products respectful of the environment and health.

Agriculture will have the support of technology, drones and robots will analyze and collect important data to optimize product growth.

Drones will be able to make ground fertilizer, plan a mapping of a corn field for example, or use precision systems to spray specific products.

Another trend of the future is technology, I could do a very long chapter but I just summarize the most important elements. Algorithm-based artificial intelligence, virtual reality and sophisticated computers.

To make a long-term investment it is essential to select companies that have development margins, such as robotics. Coming soon I will publish a Pdf list with the best choices of the moment.

I forgot 5G, it serves to accelerate the advance of robots that will gradually replace man, with the loss of millions of jobs.

Cars will be self-driving, drones will fly over our homes to make deliveries and the computing world will be upgraded.

If people’s lives get longer, we will be many more on Earth so a trend of the future will be infrastructure.

New sustainable transport systems such as electric trains and buses, faster motorway connections and hybrid-engined aircraft to reduce pollution.

Finally the world governments have woken up, I honestly think they could have done it sooner but maybe someone’s “interests” were others, now media are talking about the green economy and they make me laugh enough.

I’ll tell you an episode, 12 years ago with my father we did the trash recylce and the neighbors looked at us as saying: what are they doing?

Now it is a way of life, finally the “experts” have understood that nature is stronger than man and must be respected, the Earth is a precious commodity and if we do not commit to protect it will rebel as it has done so many times.

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