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Smart city the future of urbanization

by Thomas
smart city

We live in a society that is becoming more and more technological, in this post I talk about the smart city, the future of urbanization 4.0.

Today we hear about the word smart as something innovative, where technology is the essential element that drives the whole system. A few years ago came smartphones that changed our lives, now instead we start to develop smart city.

What is it?

This word means a city where resources such as electricity, water and waste are managed sustainably. The smart city of the future will have the roofs of houses with photovoltaic and solar panels for production of electricity and hot water, house will be managed through technological tools able of reducing resources’waste and optimizing consumption.

I’m talking about home automation, with Google Home, Apple Home Kit, Alexa… they can manage through an application with a simple click on the smartphone many features.

Smart city is covered by Wi-Fi networks and already from now (we are only at the beginning) from 5G, the idea is to connect:

  • People
  • Smart working
  • Self-driving cars
  • Smart traffic lights
  • Robot

These are some of the examples that come to mind, I think that in the future technology will find other applications, the essential theme is to change cities in sustainable places, where the environment is finally respected and consumption is optimized avoiding waste.

Another important aspect to note is that smart city is data, as I said in another article big data is the gold of this century, because we are in a super connected world where technology plays a key role. I still see many people trying to resist but today we are at an epochal change, unfortunately Earth has been poisoned for too long so if you do not change within a few years it will be a disaster.

I think governments around the world should invest “seriously” in smart mobility infrastructure (charging points, bike lanes, car sharing), as Elon Musk has been doing for years with Tesla, pollution in cities is very high and resource waste is too much.

For the real estate market the smart city will have a higher appeal than a normal city, if we look at the prices we notice difference, for an investment I would buy a house and make it smart.

Who of you wouldn’t want a manageable home with a smartphone, a Tesla or an electric bike with the charging point below us?

The most important smart cities: London, New York, Milan, Tokyo, Singapore, Berlin, Vienna. Amsterdam, Paris.

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