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Invest on a house near or inside the marinas

by Thomas
Invest on a house near or inside the marinas

In such a particular period I make a reflection or even better an article on why to invest on a house near or inside the marinas.

Italy is a country with 7500 kilometers of beach among the most beautiful in the world and that all foreigners envy for different reasons.

Starting with a premise, 2020 was marked by coronavirus and for various reasons Italians had to rediscover local beauties.

Data speaks of record numbers of stays in resorts with the most beautiful marinas. But which regions have the most interesting marinas to invest in?

  • Liguria
  • Toscana
  • Lazio
  • Sicilia
  • Basilicata

Real estate prices have fallen because coronavirus has not spared the brick, but, at a particular time like this the idea of investing in a house in or near marinas is a resource.

In the last 10/15 years house market has grown exponentially around nautical, think of all the ports that have been built and transformed to meet needs of customers through increasingly “taylor made” services.

Imagine having a house inside one of the most beautiful marinas in Italy with: restaurants, beach just a few meters, spa, tennis court and sea breeze air to breathe. (Added values).

I add all those people who have a small boat and stay in their house a few meters from the berth and not to mention the “rich” yacht owners who park these luxurious monsters.

One of the most interesting places from an economic and strategic point of view is Liguria, now let’s see why.

Strategic because this wonderful region is close to the French Riviera (Monaco, Nice, Cannes, St Tropez) so sea lovers have prestigious resorts just a few nautical miles away.

Economic because the prices are now advantageous and you can find offers for any kind of budget, my advice is for a long-term investment or if you want to rent to Italian or foreign tourists.

Rent for an apartment within the ports can range from 700 euros to 1200 euros per week in peak season. Even during winter as the climate is mild with average temperatures of 18/20 degrees, apartments are in demand from tourists from northern Europe.

In Italy between existing and under construction there will be 135 ports and 52000 berths within the next 3 / 4 years, if you want to find opportunities it is important to monitor planned construction projects.

Marinas’s real estate market in Italy is a resource to diversify from the classic investments in particular for the appeal and the increase of services for customers increasingly demanding and technologically “smart”.

Ports Under construction Scheduled
Liguria 4 10
Lazio 9 20
Toscana 2 9
Sicilia 13 25
Basilicata 0 1

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