by Thomas

We are in the era that I call 3.0 where technological changes are upsetting the habits and customs of our society.

Normally to buy a house what do you do? Until a few years we went directly to the real estate agency where our future consultant was waiting for us, who would take us step by step to the house sale. Currently there are two ways, the first to check on the various websites/real estate agencies, according to turn to a platform that connects the buyer with the seller but on ultra advantageous fees’s terms.

Among the many platforms I will talk about Housefy, born in Spain in 2017 and is already starting to operate in Milan whose market is among the most prosperous of the Italian peninsula. This start-up offers sellers and buyers the tools to operate completely online “bypassing” what is the work of the real estate agent whick work fees (usually gravitate around 6/7%).

The platform allows you to manage the entire process that goes from contracts to related documents, up to the appointment for the visit. Housefy doesn’t stop here, in fact any of you will be asking but the price who lays it down? Once again the technology is the master, the real estate listing is calculated through a sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithm that can determine the property data, the trend of the neighborhood and other features also customers will have at their disposal a marketing strategy such as professional photographs, indexing on google and on the various real estate portals maximizing visibility aimed at the sale.

It will be the owner who personally conducts the visits since those who know the best of him , the spaces and the neighborhood, while Housefy will think about the details such as the price negotiation, the contractual documents and finally the transaction where the seller will match a sum only after sale completed.

With a few clicks you create a profile in which the user will have a real-time page to compare the number of scheduled visits, the number of clicks and you will be directly in contact with the potential buyer.

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