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Bnb Working Spaces the new frontier of smart working

by Thomas
Bnb Working Spaces

Coronavirus is destroying tourism but a lady from Rome did not think so, creating Bnb Working Spaces the new frontier of smart working.

I would say a brilliant idea given the collapse experienced by homeowners, the data speaks of 90% of cancellations in 2/3 months. A cost-effective loss of more than 20 billion dollars worldwide, start-up Bnb Working Spaces offers owners the chance to convert their home into a smart working technology space.

Bnb Working Spaces is not suitable for any type of apartment in fact there are criteria such as:

1. The house must be spacious and suitable for smart working

2. There must be a fast internet connection and Wi-Fi throughout the apartment

3. Several electrical outlets to charge technological devices

4. Self-check in with a lock box or using the Vikey partner platform with opening the lock with code or smartphone

5. Duty to sanitfy rooms at the end of their stay

Bnb Working Spaces was born at a time when coronavirus forced us to stay our homes, perhaps in the following months if there were to be a new spread of the virus we would be again closed in quarentena. As I have said in other articles our lives have changed, digitization in recent months has grown exponentially, offices are quite empty and the rental industry on Airbnb will be in trouble for a long time.

Those eligible can seize this opportunity, Bnb Working Spaces aims to bring together smart workers and owners who were already registered on various websites such as Airbnb, offering an opportunity to recover cancelled bookings.

Prices on Bnb Working Spaces start from about 40 euros up to 100 euros, then it all depends on the type of apartment and services offered. Roberta D’Onofrio, CEO of the start-up says that requests have arrived in particular from Rome and Milan, I think this business model is innovative for the present and the future with ample room for growth.

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