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What’s going on with uranium? Why not bet on?

by Thomas
uranium chart

I’ve been looking at commodity trends, for a while now as I’ve been spreading trading, a question has been ringing my head for a couple of weeks: what’s going on with uranium? Why not bet on?

I’m not going to explain to you what uranium is and what it’s for, Google is much more useful and faster, I think most people have an idea of what this metal is.

I am wondering why since financial markets collapsed in March 2020, uranium has risen.

From the chart, the blue trendline (source Tradingview) indicates an uptrend, somewhat indicating as if “someone” was in defensive mode. But as ladies and gentlemen, Covid 19 is infecting and killing so many people and “someone” is thinking about accumulating uranium?

Should an atomic bomb be dropped soon, or should a vaccine be found as soon as possible to fight Covid 19?

Beyond NUCLEAR programmes of the US, Iran, Korea, China and Russia, the discussion on nuclear energy is a “hot” topic, always the focus of public attention.

Yet after G20 Davos in Switzerland, world leaders decided to reduce and eliminate all forms of pollution, talking about carbon free, renewable energy, electric car etc…

1 month and a few weeks later uranium magically flies on the financial markets, I do not think that this radioactive metal represents a green energy.

As I write, I’m thinking of the richest man in the world for so many years and never like this year starring Bill Gates. Microsoft founder Bill Gates with his vaccine research companies (Moderna, Novavax, Inovio) and the company TerraPower, founded in 2006 with the goal of building mini nuclear plants.

Bill Gates’ second goal is to build hundreds of mini-nuclear plants around the world between now and 2050, I’ve checked, and he’s not the only one funding TerraPower. There are sponsors like Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Pacific Corporation, Duke Energy, Ge Hitachi.

This technology is capable of using fuel extracted from uranium without removing it from the core of the reactor.  The technology is Travelling Wave Reactor which experts say would reduce environmental pollution.

So the combination of mini nuclear power plants through uranium and renewable energy seem the best solution for the next 40/50 years.

I have many misgivings about the use of nuclear power plants, Chernobyl disasters, Fukushima and many other radioactive clouds around the world should be served as a lesson.

If you are an investor and look for investment opportunities for uranium to add to the watclist:

  • Global x Uranium Etf
  • Cameco
  • Yellow Cake
  • Uranio Energy Corporation
  • Energy Fuels

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