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Nikola, newly listed on Nasdaq produces zero-emission trucks

by Thomas
Nikola Corporation

As a Tesla lover, I can only be pleased to see another protagonist like Nikola, newly listed on Nasdaq produces zero-emission trucks.

Nikola Corporation was born in the United States in 2014, you may have noticed the peculiarity of the name, in fact it has many similarities with Tesla since both have dedicated their brand to the genius Nikola Tesla.

Nikola became famous in a few days, when it merged with VectorIQ listed on Nasdaq (NKLA us6541101050) with a capitalization of 27 billion dollars, almost like Ford.

I make a premise, VectorIQ was already listed on Nasdaq, in detail its shares have been converted into Nikola Motor, VectorIQ shareholders will have 7% of the company, 13% will be Fidelity-Shoenfeld Asset Management-Value Act, 80% remaining will be shares’s owners.

Why could it be a winning investment?

First of all it is an innovative company like its rival Tesla, Nikola produces vehicles powered by electric battery and hydrogen.

Hydrogen is a chemical element that is converted into mechanical energy, engineers and scientists have been studying its effects for years and finally interesting results have arrived at low environmental emissions. Specifically hydrogen and oxygen put together give as a result water (chemical reaction), then water vapor will come out of the drain.

Nikola is a special company because like Tesla he manufactures trucks, batteries for energy storage and is building a network of stations for charging hydrogen vehicles.

In my opinion, they will also extend the business model in Europe through strategic partnerships creating synergies with companies such as Iveco, Renault, Volvo. To give you some numbers, Nikola has already received pre-orders for 14,500 trucks, planning to build a manufacturing plant in Arizona and I think they will have all the support of U.S. government.

Any of you may be wondering, is it time to invest or not?

There’s already been a boom these days, if you look at the stock chart you’ll realize the jump, I invite you to look at Tesla’s stock prices at the beginning, surely this company could go up and down in a nervous way but honestly before I buy I’d wait a little bit, then I’d evaluate a long-term investment.

Updates from Nikola Corporation will follow in the coming months, I recommend putting it on your platform watchlist, do some volumetric analysis, draw some trendlines to get an idea of how the chart moves.


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