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Focus on Gilead

by Thomas
Focus on Gilead an American company who is developing a drug against coronavirus

From 2020/04/16 I’m doing a focus on Gilead Sciences (Isin: US3755581036) and I’ll explain why this American company. I have already published an article where I was talking about American companies such as Moderna, Novavax and Inovio funded by Bill Gates, through a screening based on several indicators on my trading platform I noticed Gilead.

Gilead focus his business on biotechnology where it research and develop drugs, the stock jumped more than 9% as news of the trial of a coronavirus drug was leaked.

Gilead produces Remdesivir and tests were carried out at the University of Chicago on 125 covid19 patients with incredible results. This experimental drug would allow to recover faster from coronavirus in fact some patients were discharged after a few days from Chicago Hospital.

Think a little on stock exchange market where Gilead stock in two trading sessions (16 and 17 April) flew from 74.15 to 83.99 euros, we came to a solution?

From the University of Chicago they say they are cautious in drawing conclusions that Remdesivir is the miracle drug, surely more tests will have to be done in other hospitals or clinical facilities in order to have a complete overview.

Gilead points out that trials were not performed on patients with already health problems (cancer patients, kidney failure …) but only on those severely infected with the coronavirus, so the data are not complete, the company needs to do more research and testing before proving the effectiveness of Remdesivir.

Financial analysts and investors, are daily looking for pharmaceutical companies most likely to succeed in finding a drug or vaccine, sometimes a small news is enough to inflame some stocks and everyone will want to profit from it. I think it will take another few months before taking a stock of the situation, we hope that Gilead or another company will be able to defeat the coronavirus.

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